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Preparing for a Business Exit With Terese Everson (Ep. 29)

The dynamics of selling a business have changed considerably over the years. Private equity firms are increasingly focused on creating synergies, and many founders are staying in the business even after the sale.


In this episode, Kevin Kaylakie speaks with Terese Everson, director at Focus Strategies Investment Banking, about the exit planning process and the factors that can affect the outcome.


Kevin and Terese discuss:

  • ”01:14” How Focus Strategies helps businesses in the lower middle market
  • ”05:13” Biggest value creators and detractors (and what the valuation process looks like)
  • ”13:26” Why more founders are staying involved even after the sale
  • ”15:45” The mental preparation before letting go of the business
  • And more

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About Our Guest:


Terese Everson joined Focus Strategies in 2019. Terese has over 20 years of finance experience in investment banking and private equity in a variety of industries and has worked on over $3 billion in transactions.


Prior to joining Focus Strategies, Terese was a Vice President at Cienda Partners in Dallas, where she led the acquisition of real estate and distressed debt investments in hospitality, office, land, multi-family, master-planned community and industrial sectors. Prior to Cienda, Terese was an investment banker in New York at Bear Stearns and subsequently at Deutsche Bank Securities in the Healthcare Group. Terese has also worked as Director of Acquisitions IFM Services and as an associate at Olympus Real Estate Corporation, a former affiliate of Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst. She began her career as an analyst at JP Morgan Chase in the Mergers & Acquisitions group.


The Current M&A Market: Is This the Right Time To Sell a Business? With Jack Selman (Ep. 26)

Selling a business is a significant liquidity event that requires complex planning in various areas, such as business valuation, attracting the right buyers, tax planning, and post-sale wealth management.

Moreover, given the current market conditions, long-time business owners might wonder: Is the timing right to sell a business?

In this episode, Kevin Kaylakie speaks with Jack Selman, partner at Selman Munson & Lerner P.C., about pre-liquidity planning in the current M&A landscape and how entrepreneurs can optimize their exit strategy.

Kevin and Jack discuss:

  • ”01:38” The “Great Wealth Transfer” and the rise of private equity
  • ”06:12” Biggest reasons why family businesses are motivated to sell
  • ”07:16” How to value a business (and different types of buyers to consider)
  • ”19:56” Two action steps that Jack suggests based on his past M&A transactions
  • And more


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