Making Data Driven Philanthropy Decisions with Susan McDowell (Ep. 16)

In working with clients on their philanthropic goals, SineCera Capital brings the same rigorous analytic approach as it does with investments. 

In this episode Connee Sullivan highlights one of the Austin non-profits that best fits this model. LifeWorks is on a mission to end youth homelessness, and does so with a focus on data-driven results. 

Since launching in October 2018 with a goal to end youth homelessness in Central Texas, LifeWorks has transitioned almost 1,000 youth from literal homelessness to permanent housing, and done so with an 80% success rate.

In this episode, Connee Sullivan, Head of Family Office Services at SineCera Capital, interviews Susan McDowell, CEO and executive director at LifeWorks. They discuss the measures that LifeWorks is undertaking to end youth homelessness and help these youth build lives of self-sufficiency.

Susan discusses: 

  • ”03:44” LifeWorks’ data-driven approach to systematically tackle youth homelessness
  • ”09:15” Success stories of homeless people who have ‘made it’ in life
  • ”14:31” Shelter opportunities in the hot real estate market
  • ”18:44” A new way to approach philanthropy by millennials
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Susan McDowell is the CEO of LifeWorks, a youth and family service organization in Austin, Texas that helps transition-aged youth achieve self-sufficiency through housing, education and mental health support. Susan is active in numerous civic organizations and regional planning efforts. She has been awarded “Austinite (Under 40) of the Year,” and “Central Texas Social Entrepreneur of the Year,” by Ernst and Young. She participated in the 2007 Marshall Memorial Fellowship Program and was awarded the Anita and Earl Maxwell Lifetime Achievement Award through the Ethics in Business and Community Awards. Susan holds a B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy from Vanderbilt University and the University of Texas-Austin, respectively.