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Vintage Timepieces: A Market for Valuable Collectibles and Family Heirlooms With Jacek Kozubek (Ep. 28)

Vintage timepieces are more than watches. They are unique pieces of history. They can be passed down from one generation to the next, and they often increase in value over time. Vintage watches offer both an investment opportunity and a beautiful piece of jewelry.


In this episode, Kevin Kaylakie speaks with Jacek Kozubek, the founder and owner of Tropical Watch. Jacek shares his fascinating journey in this niche market and how the vintage watch market has evolved over the years. 


Kevin and Jacek discuss:


  • ”06:48” What draws buyers to vintage watches
  • ”10:10” The origin of Tropical Watch and how it came to specialize in vintage Rolex pieces
  • ”13:36” How Jacek deals with the problem of counterfeit watches
  • ”21:03” The role of vintage watches as a store of value
  • And more




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About Our Guest: Jacek Kozubek is a world-renowned dealer of vintage timepieces, with a particular focus on vintage Rolex pieces. As the founder of 10 Past Ten and Tropical Watch, Jacek has been in the vintage watch market for over a decade.