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Is Your Trustee Out of Touch? With Christopher Holtby (Ep. 33)

In this episode, Kevin Kaylakie speaks with Christopher Holtby, Co-Founder and Head of Learning & Business Development of Wealth Advisors Trust Company.  

Kevin and Christopher discuss: 

  • Removal and appointment of Trustees 
  • Trust Law and the Trust Task Force in South Dakota 
  • 4 Reasons to choose South Dakota Trust Jurisdiction 
  • How do Directed Trusts and Delegated Trusts Work 
  • What to keep in mind when appointing a Trustee 
  • And more… 


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About Our Guest: 

At Wealth Advisors Trust Company, Christopher applies his business building, love of learning, operational, and wealth management expertise gained at Ernst & Young.  His role includes learning and facilitating knowledge around the trustee industry to assist those in choosing a  trust company. Christopher has co-authored two white papers, Directed Trusts Made Simple and the Trusteed IRA, and authored one published peer-reviewed paper, An Advisors Roadmap to the Trustee Industry.  From the operational side, Christopher created the trust administration process within SalesForce. He and his family are clients of the trust company as well. 

Christopher grew up in Toronto, Canada, graduated from the University of Arizona receiving a BA in Psychology with an emphasis on statistics and a minor in English Literature. He lives in Dallas with his wife and three sons and enjoys skiing, mountain biking, hiking, reading history, and watching and participating in sports with his sons.