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Affordable Housing: A Real ESG Investment With David Steinwedell (Ep. 35)

In this episode, Kevin Kaylakie speaks with David Steinwedell, founder and CEO of Affordable Central Texas. They provide a brief overview of a private sector solution to a current problem in Austin and other Texas cities, affordable housing.  


Kevin and David discuss: 

  • How a private market solution can be both beneficial to investors and ESG. 
  • The difference between Capital A Affordable housing and Attainable housing. 
  • The 3 benefits of a fund managed by a nonprofit: transparency, substantial affordability and stability. 
  • The current rate environment leading to a period of price discovery in the real estate market. 
  • How does affordable housing operate.
  •  And more 


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About Our Guest: 

David Steinwedell, a 34-year veteran in real estate and investment and an 11-year Austinite, applies the best practices of private equity and asset management to the city’s moderate- and middle-income affordability challenges. David has worked at fund advisers, REITs and real estate investment banks, and has led teams in acquisitions, asset management, and debt and property management. He has been involved in over $15 billion in financial transactions across several REITs and high-net-worth investment funds, and was the executive director of the Urban Land Institute-Austin for four years until transitioning full time to his current role as president and CEO of Affordable Central Texas. His experience across all property types and various investment vehicles provides the background to make flexible investments and create innovative transaction structures to address Austin’s rapidly changing marketplace. David is a graduate of Hamilton College and has served on the boards of NAREIM, ULI – Austin and Atlanta, and the Tritt Foundation. He and his wife, Patty, reside in Austin and have three grown children.